please advise me whitch of this 2 player is better

  1eo 1ce 14:34 23 Mar 2018

Good afternoon, dear administration! Tell me please which of these models will be more effective if I plan to use it in the car for long journeys? Which one will be more convenient? Thank you! Sony BDPSX910 or Sylvania 9-Inch Swivel Screen?

  Forum Editor 15:20 23 Mar 2018

There's no contest.

The Sony machine plays Blu-ray discs, the Sylvania does not. The Sony is, well it's a Sony and the Sylvania...isn't.

  1eo 1ce 10:27 26 Mar 2018

Very briefly and clearly) Thank you =) but as an alternative to SONY can you advise something else?

  Forum Editor 11:22 26 Mar 2018

"as an alternative to SONY can you advise something else?"

Not really - you asked for advice about which of two machines would be better for your intended use.

This is very much a question of personal choice - different machines have different attributes. I suggest that you read various online reviews and comparisons.

  1eo 1ce 15:03 26 Mar 2018

I just hoped to hear a primitive opinion. It is always better to ask users than sellers (they tend to slightly embellish their products). But anyway, thank you very much for the answers!

  Forum Editor 17:30 26 Mar 2018

Sony has no need to 'embellish' the reputation of its products. I haven't used the model you mentioned, but as I said, it is technically superior to the alternative you quoted.

  1eo 1ce 08:37 27 Mar 2018

Okay! Thanks 4 your attention

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