Please advise on Building A New Computer

  Shikaree 19:09 20 Oct 2008

Hi Folks,

My Evesham computer is 8 years old. I have upgraded it several times with more Memory, bigger hard drives, new DVD Rewriter. It came with a 20 GB hard drive, I doubled that to 40Gb and then doubled that to an 80GB hard drive. I had 128 Memory I now have 512.

I know it now needs to be Pensioned off. That's why I'm here to seek your kind Help to build my own computer. I have been on the Internet searching for Processors & Motherboards, Memory & Graphic Cards but find it a daunting tast to choose the right compatible components. Oh, and a new computer case & PSU.

I'm not a Gamer. My Grandkids though, at times play Games, but I don't think those are excessive games. I do a lot of Multitasking and have quite a few Programs open or showing on my Taskbar. I would like to have PCI-E SLI and Dual Core. I think I'll need a machine that I can upgrade some time in the future. My present computer is AMD Athlon 800MHz. I'm not sure which will bw cheaper & better, Intel 2 Core or AMD Dual Core. My out lay is just £400.

For the start I can use my 80Gig hard drive, my LG DVD Rewriter - I have two on my Eversham, A combo too, I have a spare Wireless Mouse & Keyboard and a Monitor.

Can anyone please HELP!


Shikaree |

  Stuartli 19:28 20 Oct 2008

Some online retailers such as Novatech offer bundles which include motherboard, CPU and memory - this will provide a base for your system.

Preference should be for the Intel Dual Core CPUs at present, although AMD offerings are generally a little cheaper.


click here

Another method is to buy a barebones system. Some sources:

click here=*New*+Bigpockets+Top+Performance+4600%2B+Dual-Core+2.4Ghz+PC+System (new)

click here

click here

You should be able to acquire what is required within your budget.

  Stuartli 19:29 20 Oct 2008

Second link should be:

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:26 20 Oct 2008

Agree with Stuartli, one of the main differculties some people can have with building a new PC is buying the correct memory to suit the system, a barebones bundle takes that problem out of the equation and then all you have to do is decide what hard drives and optical drives to fit and what graphics card to get assumming you don't have onboard graphics and do want a seperate graphics card.
Only problem with the bundles is they tend to be a bit skimpy on the power supply. Meaning that if you install a reasonably powerful graphics card it might have problems. Depending on what you want you MIGHT have to upgrade the power supply. Easy enough to do though, just adds to the price if you do have to upgrade.
Building PCs is fun though, can be frustrating sometimes but when its up and running the sense of satisfaction is through the roof. And of course you then have the confidence to repair or upgrade it when required.

  Shikaree 20:39 20 Oct 2008

Thanks Stuartli, I have looked through Bipockets and they have some lovely ones including the Case & power suppy. 550 Watts very good. I have not decided which to choose.

Thanks once again.


  skidzy 20:44 20 Oct 2008

Just to throw a spanner in the works here;
Have you considered a new machine,though not sli,this machine gives a big hdd with a good cpu and plenty of ram (2nd option) click here this can be customised to within your budget.

Dell psu's can be slightly underpowered and may need upgrading.
Considering you have been doing your work on a AMD Athlon 800MHz,the machine i have posted a link to will absolutely fly compared to the current machine.

Apologies if not what your looking for,but is an option.

  skidzy 20:45 20 Oct 2008

Try this link click here

  Shikaree 21:17 20 Oct 2008


You're absolutely correct. Building a PC will be such a climax of satisfaction when your own built PC is up and running without problems. I have been telling my grandkids that I can build one. My present Eversham, I took it to parts, even unplugged the power supply from the Motherboard, which I regretted doing as it had to be reset again. The Battery had to reset again. I even unplugged the JFP1 leads. As I took out each component I took a picture and as I replaced each item I also took a picture to prove to myself that I really did it & it was not just a dream. As I was installing another 80Gig hard drive for Cloning and more Memory I thought that would be a good idea to practise.

As I didn't want to remove the Motherboard Panel on my computer - I tried but didn't want to risk causing a damage - to take out the redundant 20Gig hard drive that came with the machine, I had to add another Adapter Bracket to the bottom of the Floppy Disk Drive. The Original 20Gig Hard Drive is under the Floppy disk itself. My screw driver couldn't get to the other two screws of the old hard drive due to the Motherboard Panel.

My Grandson is 10 and he was showing me how slow my computer is ... as he walked out of my computer room he was counting to 100 before he took the next step. I had a good laugh & said, "You wait, my new build computer will be better than your Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop you have. So he keeps asking when I'm going to build it. :-))))

Thanks for your comments and advise.


  bluto1 21:42 20 Oct 2008

Lovely story about your Grandson Shikaree. When you are up and running try doing what I did to my Great nephew. I told him that my computer needed absolute cleanliness of the operator. He was a paragon of virtue when he asked me if he could come in, with his hands held out for inspection!!!
What would we do without them.
Good luck in your new build.

  Shikaree 22:24 20 Oct 2008


Thanks for the Links I didn't know Dell computers have turned quite cheap now. Good deal.


  Shikaree 22:45 20 Oct 2008


Yes. Mind you we must have been just like them but just can't remember now.

How time has changed. I remember getting a Drum Set for Christmas. I used to have it round my neck and beat the noise out of it and be quite happy, till a grown up screamed at me for making such a noise.

Today they command the latest, up-to-date Mobiles with 5MP Camera a miniature computer & MP3/4 as well. My grandson keeps sending Text Messages to his school friends and takes pictures. When I tell him not to waste Text Messages, he says it's Free. Scoundrel, he catches us on the hop and takes a picture.

Kids! True, we'd be lost without them.


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