please advise on the best all rounder

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:53 20 Aug 2004

i have a bug i know i do because weird things keep happening, [that were'nt happenig a few days ago]ive run spy bot, lavasoft, spysweeper, fix blast, stinger, A2, trojan remover and panda platinum, but they cant find it, [although they found other stuff]i think its either a worm trojan or some kind of adaware,

can some one advise on a prog that will find whatever it is and KILL it, remove/quarantine it, whatever,

please help


  powerless 20:56 20 Aug 2004

Whats heepening?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:06 20 Aug 2004

when i open xplorer it flash's open then goes white and it takes about 5-10 secs to show contents, also the contents of explorer tree dont show immediatly. some web pages are taking longer than normal to open, its mostly different things hanging

win XP Pro

512mb RAM

50gb free HD space

Wannadoo B/Band

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:20 20 Aug 2004 here here ensure that you delete all in 'histories' as well.

download both, run, delete, reboot.


  stalion 21:36 20 Aug 2004

also run a scan with this incase you have a trojan or virus click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:47 20 Aug 2004

HEY thats bloody brilliant.

thanx G

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:12 24 Aug 2004

it seems i was a bit premature in thinking everything was fixed.

My browser pages are still hanging when opened or when i clik on a different folder in the tree, I.E. im in my music, and then in the folder tree, i clik ALBUMS, [which is inside my music] but i just get an empty window, sometimes upto 12-13 secs. If im in a restore down window evrything on the desktop flashes and the icons revert back an forward into DOS icons,

  JonnyTub 20:16 24 Aug 2004

Evening Zerotolerance, it could possibly be that you just have to many processes running. List what is running by clicking ctrl, alt del, at the same time and make a note, then post here.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 18:53 27 Aug 2004

sorry been away.

ok, i can tell you tho, thers 33 process's running ,usually, il go make a list


  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:18 27 Aug 2004

OK THIS IS EVERYThing thats running in Processes



acrotray.exe [think this is adobe acrobat]

{ok im gonna stop putting exe, theyve all got it}


spysweeper. [obvious]



lxsupmon. [lexmark printer?]






Avengine. [panda antivirus?]

asusprob. [MB monitor]


oodag. [my defrag app]


lexpps. [printer again?]


lexbecs. [printer again?]




Smc. [sygate f/wall i think]







System idle process.

And thats it, is there a way to stop some of these starting if i dont need them? for example, acrobat, or the printer stuff.

the comp red lites flashin intermitently, even when im not touchin the puter, and cpu usage bounces 4-8 but upto 24

  THE TERMINATOR 01:39 28 Aug 2004

Did you download and install tweakui? If you did you can repair most things from here....TT

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