Playstation 3

  Sebire 12:48 19 Feb 2009

The PlayStation 3
After speaking to the gamers help line and the legal team provided by Sony, there seams to be no way off reinstalling it to its factory preset.
I purchased my PlayStation 3 60GB on UK release.
Then it was what i wanted, now it is not.
I cannot remove the system update, even if i did a factory reinstall, reformatted the hard drive, thus it seems to me this is a breach of user policy.

The PlayStation 3 only has 512MB of RAM, when i purchased it it really only able to provide 256MB of memory as the other 256MB of memory is for the GPU which the drivers have never been released to the public or to coders.

Now with the system updates its free memory is at around 25MB, as as such is constantly crashing, I can no longer use it as a super audio CD and i can no longer use it for Blurays BD's,
Can some one please tell me how to reinstall it to as i purchased it.

  Sebire 14:34 19 Feb 2009

I cannot play DSD audio files I have created anymore using the PS3.
I could originally.
With 256MB out of the 512MB for the GPU and each of the optional(?) updates / applications MB usage, I no longer have 24MB avaliable so my 24-bit audio cd DSD files no longer work.
I create DSD's of my audio, play them from my PS3 to my PC, then to my amp, and then back to my PC to record them in Multichannel audio, thus allowing me to add 7.1 Dolby Digital Cinema EX audio tracks to the HD Videos I create.
This way I have all 3 processors doing the work.
Since update 2.50 they do not work.
I spoke to sony today, their Gamers Network and their legal team and neither can offer me a way to revert to how it was originally out of the box.
Do I have to buy another PS3 to continue my work.
And to be honest I honestly though That you could always do a factory reset, but sony have informed this is not correct.
Once an application is installed the memory even after it has be uniinstalled is still addressed/assigned only to that application.
Please help.
And thank you for responding.

  gazzaho 15:03 19 Feb 2009

As far as I'm aware it says on updating you can't revert to a previous version, I remember reading it once but I can't be sure now if it mentions this every time an update is offered. I imagine it's like flashing the BIOS or updating the firmware on a DVD writer on a computer, I guess that isn't a great analogy though, as in some cases you can recover a wrongly flashed BIOS.

I myself feel that there should be a backup of the old version stored locally for disaster recovery purposes, as at the moment if you experience a power outage while the prolonged update process is in effect the machine is reduced to a pile of scrap.

The PS3 is marketed as an all round machine but to be honest, in my opinion it's just a games platform, and that's how I use mine. Perhaps that's why my machine is still going while a lot of other early 60GB versions are falling over with dead drives, due perhaps to extended usage of the Blueray drive for playing movies.

Is there no PC software option that will allow you to use your DSD files? I'm no expert but I'm sure there are conversion programs out there which would suit you.

  Sebire 16:20 19 Feb 2009

Thanks Beta and Gazahoo,
I will investigate the firmware downgrade.
I have locally backed up all the system updates, so hopefully that should help.
I have spent way to much really, to be honest Ive just brought a 650VA UPS (£350) and now have to upgrade my Black rhodisum (£150 per meter x4)fusion cable running of my isolator(£150), from male to females.
This should prevent any loss in clarity in the transport of the DSD's.

Just being theoretical here, lets say i purposely bricked it aka error code 800+, and as its out of warranty would sony repair it or replace it as i have home and contents insurance?
And if i do get a error code 800+ (memory address allocation corruption as far as i can tell) am i really responsible for it happening?
PC Advisor is the best read ever i will have to resubscribe yet again (probably my third or fourth time now)
thanks again.

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