Plays some VCD only

  apollogeemark 21:59 18 Jul 2004

I have just tried the 30 day trial of the latest powerDVD player software.

I can only seem to play discs that were burned on cyberlink power producer for some reason, but no sound.
It wont play Nero at all.

Just wondered if theres any reason for this.

I’m using win 95, would that cause the above problems etc.
Also it quite old laptop, Gateway, about 6 years old.
Can anyone recommend a player that will
work with win 95,if thats the problem.


  THE TERMINATOR 00:54 19 Jul 2004

Are you playing VCD or DVD? You say you have PowerDVD, but this program wont play VCD. You can play VCD in Windows Media Player by right clicking the data file on the disk and choosing WMP as the player to play the file....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 01:00 19 Jul 2004
  david4637 21:19 19 Jul 2004

I have been playing a VCD today using PowerDVD XP4! David

  david4637 21:20 19 Jul 2004

PS Were created with Nero 5.5. David

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