Playing VCDs on a PC

  david4637 16:06 23 Jul 2004

I have created a thumbnail image menu system using Nero55 which when it is selected dispalys the full sized photo image on the TV via a DVD player. What FREE software can I use to run the VCD on my PC - many do not seem to run a menu system? Thanks David

  david4637 16:08 23 Jul 2004

PS OS - W989SE. David

  britto 18:54 23 Jul 2004

click here
have not tried this myself but was recommended by someone on here

  Smegs 20:19 23 Jul 2004

You can play VCD's on windows media player.

  britto 09:19 24 Jul 2004

I think you need XP to use media player VCD/DVD feature.

  david4637 17:55 24 Jul 2004

Thanks for your replies - I am not keen to use WMP. I really want someone to tell me they have used free VCD prog that will play a VCD with a menu sytem consisting of thumbnails, each of which will open a full version of the image on a PC. Thanks David

  Smegs 23:51 24 Jul 2004

Britto, my mate plays his VCD's on his Win 98se PC.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:36 25 Jul 2004

Start up WMP and click on open, find your data file on your vcd disk and choose it click on ok, and enable open this file type with WMP....TT

  Smegs 00:52 25 Jul 2004

THE TERMINATOR, what are you on about? It's not my thread.

I don't play VCD's on my Pc. Got a DVD player in the living room that plays VCD's and a 28" wide screen.

Why on earth, would I watch them on a monitor?


  david4637 15:16 25 Jul 2004

As I have said has any one used a VCD player prog using a menu system, other than WMP, on their PC, if so please let me know if its freeware. Thanks David

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