Playing SVCD's

  DShaughnessy 18:45 23 Dec 2004

I am unable to play SVCD's. Look like my dvd player does not recognise files as nothing is showing in DVD drive and PC asks me to load a disc.

Tried WMP and WIN DVD without success. Am using XP. Do I need to amend properties for DVd player?

  Noelg23 18:46 23 Dec 2004

where have you copied the SVCDs from? or where did u get them?

  DShaughnessy 18:53 23 Dec 2004

I've been given them by a colleague

  Noelg23 19:05 23 Dec 2004

hmm...ok...have you asked him what program he used to make them?

  DShaughnessy 19:13 23 Dec 2004

no haven't. he's away on hols at mo. might this mean that i will need to have same program to play them on?

  Noelg23 19:15 23 Dec 2004

its possible or they are maybe dodgy ones...not that I am having a go at your mate. but find out some more about them when he gets back...

  DShaughnessy 19:18 23 Dec 2004

Willdo. Doubt they are dodgy but he is very savvy with omputers so may have used a program that I don't have.

Is this why my dvd drive doesn't recognise the disc??

  Madpad_001 19:35 23 Dec 2004

click here.

I use this one and it plays 90% of vcd's

  Madpad_001 19:37 23 Dec 2004

Or go here for the direct download

click here

the free version works just fine

  DShaughnessy 19:47 23 Dec 2004

Tried downloading but it still comes up with message

Please insert a disc

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