Playing recorded DVD

  JerryH 09:12 28 Dec 2005

I copied a TV programme recorded on my DVD recorder's HDD to a DVD disc (DVD-R). This then played OK on my DVD recorder + TV. Out of curiosity I tried to play it on my PC, but "My Computer" doesn't see the the disc inserted in either of my DVD drives. Nor does Windows Media Player.

Not the greatest problem in the world, but any ideas as to why this is, and what can be done to make it work? (Apols in advance for my utter ignorance on this issue....)

  john-232317 10:55 28 Dec 2005

You will have to finalise it on your recorder. There should be an option on the menu.

  JerryH 19:18 28 Dec 2005

Thanks a lot, Dadassa - fixed it! Isn't ignorance a terrible thing?

  john-232317 20:30 30 Dec 2005

Everyone learns something everyday ;-)

It leaves the disc open in case you want to put more stuff on it and you can replay it on the recorder, but it needs to be finalised to play on other machines.

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