Playing older games with Windows XP

  Adam Patrick 14:49 20 May 2005

Hi there
Just wondering if anyone has a solution for installing older games that are now apparently not compatible with Windows XP (4 or 5 years old games - eg Baldur's Gate 2, Commandos 2). They used to install fine with Win 98. I'm probably wrong but I thought there was a compatibility mode somewhere that you can access.

  Pooke100 14:52 20 May 2005

start> programs> accessories> program compatibility wizard.

  AndySD 14:56 20 May 2005

Baldur's Gate 2 should work with XP.

Try downloading then running XP_FIX.exe from click here reboot the pc and try instaling again.

  Yoda Knight 15:02 20 May 2005

Baldurs Gate 2 does work with XP, as does the original

  wednesday 13 16:47 20 May 2005

If you still have the win 98 disc, install it on the new PC and dual boot win 98 & Xp to play the games.

  Adam Patrick 22:35 20 May 2005

Thanks for the advice, I tried both Win XP_FIX.exe and compatability Wizard but no luck with Baldur's Gate 2 or Commandos 2 (unfortunately I don't have original Win 98 disk anymore). I'd be interested to know how you got Baldur's Gate 2 to install - perhaps I need some sort of Windows XP update?
Regards Adam

  ayrmail 23:26 20 May 2005

This wizard prompts you to test your program in different modes (environments) and with various settings. For example, if the program was originally designed to run on Windows 95, set the compatibility mode to Windows 95 and try running your program again. If successful, the program will start in that mode each time. The wizard also allows you to try different settings, such as switching the display to 256 colors and the screen resolution to 640 x 480 pixels.

If compatibility problems prevent you from installing a program on Windows XP, run the Program Compatibility Wizard on the setup file for the program. The file might be called Setup.exe or something similar, and is probably located on the Installation disc for the program.
The Compatibility tab is only available for programs installed on your hard drive. Although you can run the Program Compatibility Wizard on programs or setup files on a CD-ROM or floppy disk, your changes will not remain in effect after you close the program.

  Completealias 23:34 20 May 2005

Strange as I have commandos 1 running fine on my xp system

  stefan-194811 23:57 20 May 2005

If you are looking for a program to slow down your older games or to play Dos games in theres a good program called DOSbox, dont think that runing that program will help with your problem. Can u get to game to install, sometimes there are 2 executable files you can load from the original cd, 1 might be pre-98 other .exe for win98 on.

Just an idea if the game does install but just wont load it could be your drivers for your graphics card are to newer for the game. Check out the games website and see if there are any known problems for the games.

  Adam Patrick 00:00 21 May 2005

I ran Compatability Wizard and chose "Use program in CD ROM Drive." Commandos 2 started to install but it always gets to same place each time (just before swapping of disks, 49 per cent) and stalls, with "Component Transfer Error - Incorrect Function". (Baldur's Gate 2 always stops at 90 per cent). I phoned tech support of Commandos 2 and they said its probably not compatable with Windows XP.

  stefan-194811 00:11 21 May 2005

Sounds like there just trying to give u any crap so they aint got to work, support waste of time.
They said its PROBABLY not a good support line.

Like some1 said they should both work in xp, have a look at the read me or manual file on the cd see if there any known problems with the game, also is the cd drive you are using set as the master u should install with master drive saves confussion. Sounds like some sort of problem with your pc.

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