Playing Ogg Vorbis streams

  Rob Gibson 09:44 21 Jun 2011


Clicking the Ogg Vorbis streams on the Radio Paradise site ( opens a download dialogue box but not my media player. All the other links open my player fine. My browser's settings look ok and are pointing to the system default player. I'm stuck.

Browser: Opera Media player: VLC OS: Vista



  Woolwell 14:46 21 Jun 2011

It seems to be an Opera snag. I got the same problem as you with Opera but it works with Firefox.

  octal 19:25 21 Jun 2011

I have just tried it and it didn't work in Opera to start with, what I had to do was to go to Settings>Preferences and associate the OGG stream to open VLC, it works fine now.

  Rob Gibson 20:51 21 Jun 2011

Hi octal,

How did you do that exactly? I've pointed both audio/ogg and application/ogg at VLC but still get the download dialogue. Can't see a streaming MIME for ogg. Am I missing something?


  octal 21:19 21 Jun 2011

Here is a screen shot of how mine is set up, it is the Linux version of Opera, but the setup should be the same.

  octal 21:21 21 Jun 2011

Just one thing, have you ticked the box to pass the web address directly to the application?

  Woolwell 21:46 21 Jun 2011

I finally got it working with Opera. You have to tick the box hide file types opened with Opera to find application/ogg. You can then click on edit and choose which program to open with by browsing and octal's point about ticking the box about the web address is important.

  Rob Gibson 08:20 22 Jun 2011

Thanks guys.

I now have it working.

One thing different with mine was that it didn't have the ogg extension in the file extension window, just ogx.

Again, thanks both.


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