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  billy the fish 12:25 27 Feb 2006

i have recently purchaced F.E.A.R. & rainbow 6 lockdown.i have a 2.4gig pc with 120 hard drive,1g of memory & nvidia 9550 graphics card with the latest graphics driver.even with the lowest settings,these games stutter & struggle to play on my i need a new graphics card & has anyone else had this problem with the latast games

  kiddgame2000 12:42 27 Feb 2006

I have a

Amd 64 4000
2GB of RAM
6600GT 128mb pci-e
ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard

and it struggles with F.E.A.R

The processor and RAM are top class but the graphics card is whats holding me back. If i bought a 7800gtx i could max the game out but at the minute im not prepared to do that. I can run F.E.A.R with everything on medium but when i turn it to high it gets jumpy.

My advice buy as good a card as you can afford. Im currently bidding on a second 6600gt on ebay and if i win i will run them in SLI

  vinnyT 12:46 27 Feb 2006

As kiddgame2000 has said it's your graphics card holding you back (modern games actually make little use on the cpu, most/all of the work is done on the gpu).

Fear is one of the most graphically intense games around at the moment, even with a 7800gt (oc'ed) I cannot play with all the bells & whistles enabled.

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