PLaying my PS2 using my pc monitor

  paradiddle1984 01:41 02 Nov 2003

I hear this is possible without a tv in on my gfx card? How so?

  spanglysteve 03:12 02 Nov 2003

in theory you are right. You could plug the output of the PS2 into the TV in on a graphics card. However, unless this is to save having both a monitor and a tv in the room its pretty pointless. You would not gain an increased resolution because
a: the ps2 wouldn't be able to output a higher resolution than what the game was origionally intended for

b: the playstation would still think it was outputing to a TV so its resolution would remain static.

  BeForU 04:23 02 Nov 2003

wouldnt you also need need some sort of VGA converter to connect the Ps2 to the monitor as well!

  paradiddle1984 09:29 02 Nov 2003

its purely to save space, i have a small room.
sp, what would i need?

  spanglysteve 16:44 21 Feb 2004

be4u is right, you need to look for a vga converter, you should be able to get this on ebay by searching for "ps2 vga" for less than £30

  hugh-265156 16:54 21 Feb 2004
  Rennaissance 17:42 21 Feb 2004

i tried that once with my tv card, andthe image was distorted, so i never did it again. A friend of mine has a VGA converter, its a box which plugs both the ps2 and the pc in which then plugs into the monitor and you need to switch a switch for the ps2 and switch it back for the pc.

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