Playing MP3 files on standard CD player

  ln1dog 01:50 16 Apr 2005

I know nothing about MP3.

I would like to download a selection of music to burn onto CD for my car.

Will any CD player work or do you have to get an MP3 player?

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:05 16 Apr 2005

Check the manual for your car's cd player. Many newer cd players will play mp3s.

  ln1dog 15:02 18 Apr 2005

Thanks to Mistoffelees for taking the time to respond. The car is 1991 vintage - pretty much before the Internet bubble. It has the original Blaupunkt CD but no manual. I'm going to check the CD company website for info.
If it doesn't read .MP3 files, are there are other downloadable formats for music files or is it all MP3?

  Jak_1 15:37 18 Apr 2005

Convert them to WAV format, that will play in CD players however you will not get so many on to a CD. I believe Nero is capable of changing MP3 to WAV and vice versa but I stand to be corrected.

  Timmy!! 15:45 18 Apr 2005

There are two ways to burn music files onto a cd.

The first (which will only be compatible with cd players capable of reading mp3's) is to burn a data cd. This means effectively the cd is like a chunk of harddrive with the mp3 compatable player reading and decoding your mp3 data files as your pc does. You can fit about 80-90 songs on a cd this way.

The second way is to create a audio cd. This will convert the mp3's into *.cda files which are those found on everyday shop bought cds. This means the cd player is only decoding the tracks as it would a normal cd. You can fit 15-20 songs this way.

I suspect due to the age of your cd player and the lack of any mp3 compatible logo on its fascia that the 2nd option is your only choice. This can be easily achieved by burning the cd with a program such as Nero or even Windows Media Player.

  Timmy!! 15:50 18 Apr 2005

Also due to the potential old age of the cd player that you use, i'd suggest using only CDR not CDRW discs. This is as many older players have difficulty reading CDRW discs due to the way they're written and the low reflectivity of the disc surface.

Use a good brand such as TDK CDR's and you should be laughing. (higher quality discs = more reflective = easier for older players to read)

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