Playing movies accessing javascript pages

  The Shape 13:42 28 Dec 2003

I have i 1gh processor 256mb 133ram 40gb hd windows xp
When i go online i cannot play movies/trailers etc. i have tried to download players only some work but none play movies online .I cannt access any pages with javascript at all and a lot of links i click on say error on page this is driving me nuts please help ,i also cannot install kazaa as it says error downloaidng p2p networking failed check your firewall

  VoG II 13:44 28 Dec 2003

Try installing Java click here

Can't help with Kazaa - my advice is don't unless you plan on coming here for help with scumware on a regular basis.

  short-circuit 15:40 28 Dec 2003

Movies - have you tried the free version of Realplayer? Which internet browser are you using? If it is Internet Explorer, look on the Tools menu for Internet options. On the advanced tab, look to see if there is a tick next to disable script debugging? That should get rid of the error on page message, I think.

When I first started writing Javascript myself some years ago, there used to be a setting for turning on/off the ability to handle javascript in the browser. I'm wondering if this still applies and whether your browser has it switched off. I will look at the other settings later and see if I can remember which one it was?

  The Shape 23:25 29 Dec 2003

on the advanced tab the disable script debugging
should i tick or untick it thanks

  The Shape 23:26 29 Dec 2003

thanks but i downloaded java and it wont install at all any ideas?

  VoG II 23:31 29 Dec 2003

Do you get an error message?

  short-circuit 00:51 30 Dec 2003

Tick in disable script debugging.

  short-circuit 22:51 30 Dec 2003

Just wondering about the advanced settings again. Can you look further down the Advanced setting tab as described earlier and tell me whether there are ticks against any of these boxes.

Java console enabled.
Java logging enabled.
JIT compiler for virtual machines enabled.

Let me know what your settings are and I'll compare them with mine which work.

  The Shape 13:15 03 Jan 2004

All 3 are ticked but the script debugging is not and it seems to be working better thanks bud!!

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