Playing MMO games on a TV via my PC

  Graphicool1 11:39 06 Nov 2013

Hi guys

At present I play MMO's through a 'ProLite E227HDS iiyama led 22" Monitor'. I'm finding the playing area to be too small. Especially with all the in game information that needs to be on the screen at all times.

I've looked at getting another larger monitor, but they seem a bit pricey for my pocket at this time. So, I happen to have a 'Toshiba REGZA 32" led/lcd TV' that I'm not using. I connected it to the PC and it displayed on the screen. However, only in a relatively small, square area in the middle of the screen. The only way I've been able to get it to fill the whole screen is by stretching the picture.

Q - Does anyone know how I can get it to use the whole screen and keep the aspect ratio. When I connected it then I used D-SUB, because that is how I was connecting to the monitor. I have since changed the way I connect to the 'iiyama' I am now using DVI. However the TV doesn't have a DVI socket. The other connection choices are...

HDMI x 3 and LAN

  Graphicool1 17:37 22 Nov 2013

Hi techman89

Thanx for your response, however, although the TV has HDMI my old GPU which I was using at the time I tried the connections, hadn't. It was an Nvidia Geforce 240 GT (I think). I have since (just) bought a new GPU namely an Nvidia Geforce GTX 650Ti Boost. Which (happily) does have an HDMI connection.

I'll have to go through my cable stash and find a spare HDMI, I'm sure I have at least one. Over the past few months I've been playing TERA, I've reached level 46 and am a Mystic with green hair.

It's often very slow and I have tried many things to help with the gameplay. Someone suggested I get a new GPU, but it hasn't made any difference. So now I'm upgrading my CPU from an Intel i3 Dual Core Sandy Bridge to an Intel i5 Quad Core Ivy Bridge with a Turbo Boost. Fingers and toes crossed.

I was only intending to play TERA as a stop gap, while waiting for Elder Scrolls Online next spring. But I'm hooked now and unlike for ESO it's free.

  martd7 18:21 22 Nov 2013

The gpu should have made a big difference more so than upgrading the i3

my system was an i3 3220 with a gtx 650 card,i was advised upgrading to the i5 wouldn't make a big difference in gaming but to upgrade the card to a 660gtx 2gb would,and it has,more detailed graphics and runs much faster

  Graphicool1 15:43 23 Nov 2013


I couldn't find an unused HTMI lead, so I borrowed the one I use from the Xbox to the TV. Plugged it in and all I got was a blue screen and the words 'No Signal'. One by one I pressed all the buttons on the hand set, nothing. I tried it with all four of the HDMI slots, still nothing.

At least I didn't have to spend any money one the HDMI lead.


"The gpu should have made a big difference"

It made no difference what-so-ever. I toyed with the idea of sending it back. But in the end, after an exhaustive search of the Internet, asking the question 'Upgrade CPU v GPU'. The replies were split into two camps, those for CPU and those for GPU. Then I read a response from some guy who said he'd updated both, to exactly the same make/spec that I was looking at and his PC was now running like a dream.

I already had half the equation and being as I could just afford the other half, I decided to go for it. The new CPU came today and if I hadn't already spent fruitless hours trying to get the HDMI connection to work, I might have installed the CPU by now. As it is I'm leaving that till tomorrow. Something to look forward to, while I'm building the new metal garden shed, weather permitting.

At least I now know that even if I had got the HDMI to work it would have still been a waste of time. Because I decided to try connecting the D-Sub on the telly, to the DVI on the GPU, using an adapter that came with the GPU. This worked, however it still wouldn't show wide screen in aspect ratio. Anyhow I decided to see what TERA was like with it...Black screen, white writing...'Unsupported Video Format' that's that then. If I want a bigger picture I'm going to have to save my pennies an fork out for a bigger monitor.

Such is Life

  martd7 16:33 23 Nov 2013

Sounds like u have your hands full,advice was given to me by chronos 2nd,upgrading the card made a big difference for me,ive just upgraded the i3 to i5 and tasks are faster because of it been quad core,videos decode in half the time but ive not seen a measurable difference in games

  Graphicool1 18:31 23 Nov 2013

Hi mart7

"but ive not seen a measurable difference in games"

That dissapointing, I'll let you know how I get on.

I too spoke to Chronus at some length, he told me even if my PC was several years old I shouldn't have any trouble playing ESO. That remains to be seen, but I'm sure enough having intermittent trouble with TERA. It's OK when I'm out in the countryside, fighting monsters. But if I'm in the cities and towns, with loads of people and intricate facades, i'ts very sticky then. Even though my PC is only two years old.

Although when I built it I wasn't intending to be playing MMO's. It was to be soley for Graphic art and music. Still, as with you Chronus told me if I wanted to update anything he felt it should be the GPU and perhaps the PSU. He also suggested that it might be a good idea to change my heat sink, to a Arctic Cooler.

Still, I can only wait an see now, my pockets are not bottomless and I'm all spent out. It takes me a long time saving between buys for my PC.

  Graphicool1 15:33 24 Nov 2013

Hi Mr Mistoffelees

"Ivy Bridge core i5, go for a 3750K"

That is in fact exactly what I've got, this is it in full...

Intel Quad Core GTX i5-3570K CPU (4 x 3.40GHz, Ivy Bridge, Socket 1155, 6Mb L3 Cache, Intel Turbo Boost 2.0)

I'm too shattered from shed building to put it in today.

My present CPU is a Dual Core GT i3 2100, Sandy Bridge. I guess I'll have to upgrade my Motherboard Chipset from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge?

  martd7 16:35 24 Nov 2013

3750k or 3570k ?

  Graphicool1 17:31 24 Nov 2013

Hi mart7

Oops, yeah sorry about that, good catch mart7. In my defence, one of my many failings is partial dislexia. It is of course...'3570K'.

  martd7 17:47 24 Nov 2013

Looking at your i3 spec 2120-2.1ghz thats quite a slow i3 so upgrading to the i5 3570k you may be better,my i3 was the 3220-3.2ghz and i upgraded to the i5 3570,not much difference from my i3,games as far as im aware dont yet use all 4cores,i think that is what chronos2nd was saying to me,so its made very little difference to me in games upgrading to the i5,yours however is quite a jump in speed

click here

  Graphicool1 18:05 24 Nov 2013

Hi mart7

I was interested to read your link, but I'm wanting further info on something...

It says the i5 is only a tad better for 'Memory-Intensive Applications' and then it goes on to say/show that 'Integrated Graphics performance' is almost twice as good. To me this would seem to be a contadiction, surely 'Graphics' are memory intensive, aren't they?

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