Playing legit DVD's with Copyright Protection

  perplexed user 16:34 06 Jun 2009

I recently bought the entire series of West Wing (yes sad I know)from HMV in the UK. All entirely legitimate etc. I have tried to play them on my UK laptop which assuming this is not a region related issue all should be okay. Instead both my laptop and my PC state that they are copyright protected. Consequently I try on my DVD player. It say unable to read the discs.
They are Warner Bros discs and have InterActual player embedded on the disc(s) to enable play on a PC. So is this another ploy to get mo0re money out in some way or is there a player where someone who has actually bought a legit item can actually view what they bought?
Any advice appreciated.
Sue Pertanka

  brundle 16:53 06 Jun 2009

If you bought the set from a UK retailer they ought to be UK/Europe region discs so my first thought would be to contact HMV. Otherwise, most DVD players have a region bypass "hack". More info on regions; click here

  eedcam 16:57 06 Jun 2009

The PC issue may be protection which detects you have a Re writer on board .Though you say they wont play on your standalone dvd player are you sure the discs are region2 if not that may be the problem or if they are Ntsc that can throw some players. There are workarounds if either is the case

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