Playing html files on TV via dvd player?

  fred2 14:20 04 Feb 2006

Hi' Is it possible to copy just some of the html pages and images from my website, and put them onto a CD that will play them back via the DVD player onto a TV?
I have tried it and although the files appear to be there I can only see the jpg image files.
I assume that I would need software to convert from htm to some other file type for this to work if it can be done at all?
I have a friend whose family history is on my website but does not have a computer to watch it!
I would like to send her a disc that she can play on her DVD.
Regards fred2

  beynac 16:55 04 Feb 2006

To view the pages you need a web browser. I don't know of any software that would convert the pages. You could use PrintScreen and save each page as a jpg image. You could then show these as a slideshow on the TV. A bit crude, but it should work.

  fred2 17:07 04 Feb 2006

Many thanks beynac,
I assume she wanted it to show her friends and family via a TV. Seems that is not going to be very easy!
Mnay thanks again.

  beynac 17:27 04 Feb 2006

It isn't very dificult. How much time it will take you will obviously depend upon how many pages you have.

The way to do it is to display the page on your PC. Press the 'Print Screen' button (just over the number pad). This will put an image of the screen onto your clipboard. Go into MS Paint (or any other picture editing program). Paste the contents of the clipboard into a new image. Save as a 'jpg' type image. To make it look better, you could trim the pictures to remove the browser itself. Burn the images to a CD.

For an example click here

Hopefully, there is an easier way. If there is, I'm sure someone will post.

  fred2 15:53 16 Feb 2006

Many thanks Beynac.
Will give it a go!

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