Playing games on a tv card

  crease 23:18 20 Dec 2003


does anyone know if its possible to play a games console on a tv card??? if so how do i do it??

i have a pinnacle pctv rave card i think, if its any use.

many thanks


  Mysticnas 00:32 21 Dec 2003

...that you just plug the ariel in to the ariel socket on your TVcard as you do to your TV???

  Mysticnas 00:37 21 Dec 2003

what you have is a graphics card that supports video in/out. in which case you'd have to plug you're console into TV 1st then from your tv to your video in socket.

  hugh-265156 00:53 21 Dec 2003

buy a console to vga adapter that will allow you to use your console with your pc monitor.

type "vga playstation/xbox/gc adapter" etc into google click here for suppliers in uk

blaze are good.

the tv card may work not sure.if it does the resolution will be no better than a standard tv using RF input.

  sdf 00:55 21 Dec 2003

I play my PS2 through my Hapaugge PCTV card, just feed it into the arial using the adapter provided, The card doesnt know what its displaying - it just converts the signal comming down the wire into the audio/visual we experience. i do not see any reason why it shouldnt. happy gaming

  Rennaissance 16:37 21 Dec 2003

adapter provided with what?

  sdf 19:25 21 Dec 2003

PS2, I dunno about other console

  hugh-265156 20:08 21 Dec 2003

most consoles in the uk come with composite leads and a composite to scart adapter.

this lead wont work with the RF input on the tv card so you will need to buy an RF lead for whichever console you have expect to pay around £15 for one.

as above i think the picture quality will be poor and you would be better of spending £25 or so on a vga adapter that connects straight to your monitor.

  hugh-265156 20:10 21 Dec 2003

unless of course you have a playstation2 console and you also have an old psx lying around,the old psone console comes with RF leads and these will work on a ps2 aswell.

  crease 09:36 22 Dec 2003

i have an RF lead, the one that switches over from tv to games on it, and that doesnt work. i think im going to have to try a composite lead, or a console to vga adapter. well done who ever thought of that!

thanks for your advice.

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