Playing games through a different PC

  alexgray104 15:52 26 Nov 2006


I have upgraded my packard bell to a compaq system. the packard Bell has a number of older games on it which are getting old, but my kids still like to play them (such as The Sims). They still want to play them but I want to keep the Compaq for newer games and not load on the older ones, to save it from clogging up. Is there a way I can run the Packard Bell standalone and access the files / games on it through the compaq. For example leave the sims disc in tray 1 of Packard Bell and then put an icon on compaq desktop to play it? Also could I install MS word and excel on the packard Bell and then access them through the compaq, to save installing them on two pc's???
Packard Bell is running Media Centre and the compaq is running pro.
Any Comments appreciated.

Thanks :)

  crosstrainer 16:03 26 Nov 2006

This could be achieved in theory by using a wireless network setup and sharing the optical drives on your old machine... however as far as I am aware, you will not be able to run office without installation to your new machine. In order to setup your network, you would need to purchase a wireless router and set this up on your new machine... file and print sharing should be enabled and you would be able to access files that you choose from both machines. I am not sure how well the games will run but a wired connection with a hub would be your other option.

  alexgray104 16:20 26 Nov 2006

Hi Crosstrainer,

I should have mentioned, I already have a wireless network :P

I will give your idea a go,


  alexgray104 16:36 26 Nov 2006


Your idea partly worked.

I made the drive shareable on the Packard Bell and then accessed that drive on the compaq. The good thing is that I can access the drives (essentially doubling the compaq to 4 optical drives), but the game still needs to be installed on the compaq, you just run the disk through the packard bell.

Thanks for your input, anyone have any ideas on getting the whole thing running through the packard bell and me just using the compaq to control / view the game?


  crosstrainer 17:27 26 Nov 2006

Hi again

I'm not sure if this will work, but you may have to share the game folders as well, some games refuse to run without 2 cds (copyright) you MAY also be able to share the office folders but be careful, this may cause loss of data and contravene your licence agreements, to start with see if you can share your my documents folder over the 2 machines and proceed with caution from there (MAKE BACKUPS!)

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