kat18sgc 00:41 22 Jan 2003
  kat18sgc 00:41 22 Jan 2003

Please someone help me... I've got a Carrera 253cb win xp geforce ti 4200. I'v been trying to play games on it ie age of empires and a chopper sim but after about 15 mins pc crashes sent error report to microsoft but all it says is that its an unknown device driver. been on phone to carrere when i found out that pc had no dvd software (by mistake) they say. told that this is the prob having doubts . why does game play for so long then crash without dvd software and does anyone think software will make a difference ?

  kuhbler 00:49 22 Jan 2003

Have you got the latest drivers from the video card maker? I'm using 4072 detonator drivers and am getting much better performance then I did with the older ones.

Also, check your DirectX for problems. Go to Start, Run, type in dxdiag and run the video and sound tests. If no problems come back from that, then it may be something else.

I very much doubt that not having any DVD software is going to be the problem.

Maybe the games aren't 100% XP compatible? Check the boxes to make sure. If they are not then that may be causing the problem.

  kat18sgc 00:59 22 Jan 2003

tried the direct x its version 8.1 did the test but i did not see alternating black and white rectangles they were just still.the other tests with the spinning box were ok..4072 detonator drivers that you mentioned are they from nvida website ?

  roders 01:15 22 Jan 2003

to me it sounds like a driver problem. try reinstalling direct x. or download direct 9 from microsoft. it may be overheating to, i had this problem, and games kept crashing after 10/15 mins or so and found out it was because it was overheating. check your temperatures if you can and advise

  Tog 10:01 22 Jan 2003

The rectangles don't move, you are looking for alternate black then white then black, etc

As roders suggests, update your drivers and look at the temperatures

  kat18sgc 20:14 22 Jan 2003

got direct x 8.1 and checked the temps cpu 33degrees mb 29 degrees

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