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  Nancy166 16:58 15 Mar 2008

Hi Guys,
Went onto my usual games website and was told that I needed Flash Player...that was the addon in IE that I disabled...see other message!

Installed Flash and Shockwave and it still demands Flash Player.

Also why does Adobe Reader stop me from closing because it's still reading PDF files. Slow reader?

I don't know. If it's not the's the lap top.



  Nancy166 17:34 15 Mar 2008

Thanks for your help VoG...but .that's the one I've just installed from the same site I think! lol

It could well be the game site......rubbish software! Always sending error messages when there is no error! And always closing for maintenence.


  Nancy166 20:43 15 Mar 2008

Yes I did. Uninstalled and then reinstalled....still won't let me in. Have sent them an e-mail.

The other games website I had no problems with but then I never do. Highly efficient!


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