Playing DVD's via TV Out

  PTB007 15:11 10 Sep 2004

Dear All,

I'm trying to play a dvd via the tv output on my graphics card.

I can see the computer desktop displayed on my television and can hear the sound via my sound card.

On my monitor, power dvd is open and playing the dvd and on my tv power dvd is open but is blank within?

Any advice appreciated.

  Skeletor 16:05 10 Sep 2004


You should be able to get the DVD to play on your PC monitor and TV simultaneously. Let us know what card you're using. If it's a NVidea card, I'll check my settings and let you know (wont be able to check till this evening though).

  Skeletor 16:10 10 Sep 2004

Just a thought... after you,ve set up your card to view DVDs on the TV. Have your tried rebooting.

  aca 16:51 10 Sep 2004

I had similar problems with a Hercules Ti500 video card.(Geforce 3) Despite TV-Out couldn't get output to TV. After lots of grief(and trying lots of different detonators) found a shareware program called TVtool. Not sure how it works but it might amplify the output. Think that you can try before you pay. Works great.

  zebbydog 19:11 10 Sep 2004

Do you no of a tvtool for a Radeon 9800 pro card

  SEASHANTY 19:50 10 Sep 2004

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