Playing DVDs on TV from laptop

  hurricaneone 21:44 15 Jul 2003

Has anyone managed to get this to work?

Someone must have, 'cause I've heard all about it, but I can't get my Toshiba Satellite P3 1Ghz 512RAM XP Pro WinDVD machine to even get a flicker through to the TV.

Yes, the cable's attached. And yes, I am well aware of the action button (Fn) + F5 to activate an external monitor (although strangely, this action is dead when the DVD is being played back on the machine). The TV is even PAL or NTSC compatible, though it is about 10 years old now.

If anyone has any tricks or ideas, I'd be appreciative

  accord 21:57 15 Jul 2003

have you selected the correct channel on the tv. i have played my digicam through the tv and have had to select it via the AV mode. have you tried running it through the inputs in your video?

  hurricaneone 22:05 15 Jul 2003

Thanks accord,

I'll try running it through the VCR, see if that helps, though (just as an addition to my first post) I've noticed that WinDVD does not like it when I 'Extend my Windows desktop to the second monitor' through the Display/Display Properties panel, something I hear you have to do to get this to work.

  hurricaneone 23:26 15 Jul 2003

Hi there

It's a Toshiba 1800 S254.

It doesn't have an S-Video out, only a standard video out, for which I have an RCA cable running straight into the TV.

The vid card is a Trident Video Accelerator Cyberblade XP Ai1 v6.4020.22ICD, but I'm not sure if that's an ATI card (seems I need that feature?). The vid card settings dialogue box has a TV option, but when I try to initiate this, the laptop screen goes blank, and nothing happens on the TV.

If you can offer any pointers, I'd be extremely grateful.


  RobbyMac 00:59 16 Jul 2003

OK, several things here! The newer versions of dvd software do not let you play dvds to TV out, perhaps that is the problem?. Try an alder version of the software, also the chips on the graphics card have a part to play and again the newer chips attempt to prevent you outputting to a tv/video. There is software available to overcome this, so do a search on the net. BUT the main thing with tv out is usually the card has to sense the extra device BEFORE the machine is booted, so ensure all connections are made, and all devices are switched on before initial boot. Hope this helps

  hurricaneone 03:06 16 Jul 2003


Are you saying that the Video out and TV out are different things?


Thanks for your thoughts, but you are leaning towards my software and hardware being too new, but I'm running WinDVD v3 and the vidcard chipset is only 16Mb, so it ain't the latest or greatest.


You did mention one thing though, that I was wondering about. Do you know of anyway that you can check if the TV has been recognized by the card, 'cause the ususal 'new device found' isn't coming up - even though I understand why it might not in this case.

  hurricaneone 15:14 16 Jul 2003

Hey hey ßéŁâ

I got it to fly - well at least the video.

I think the key was setting the monitor size to 640x480 - any other and it won't display.

Do you have any ideas how I can get the sound to come through? There is a hum in the right channel line (the only channel, as I only have a two-split RCA cable, one for video and one for sound), but nothing more than that. I think that something is trying to get through, but I can;t see any setup alternative to send 'audio out'

(Even when the cable is connected, there is sound coming from the laptop speakers)

If it helps, I have an Ali Audio Accelerator WDM Driver as the sound card.

Thanks for any ideas


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