Playing Dual Layer DVD's

  DILLIG4F 10:47 08 Mar 2005

Has anyone played a copied DVD Dual Layer on a normal domestic DVD Player or anyone if it can be done???? Or will it be better to copy to two 4.7's????

  Minkey1 11:25 08 Mar 2005

I've recently been trialling CloneDVD which supports backing up DVD -/+ R/RW, loosing CSS and region coding in the process. My PC will burn and playback in all formats and I've played back ups on single layer DVD-R's on a domestic machine with no discernible loss of quality as a result of compression.

As far as I can see currently the only double layer blanks available are DVD+R. I've backed up a commercial DVD using Verbatim (£29.99/5 at PC World) and the copying went fine and plays OK on the PC.

It will not however play on any of our domestic players. I've logged a complaint with Sony as their manual does say our particular main domestic player will playback all formats.

I think double layer is all pretty new and might be a bit hit or miss as yet. Backing up to compressed single disks or uncompressed via 2 discs does seem to be a bit more settled.

I'd be interested to hear how anyone else has gone on.


  DILLIG4F 12:36 08 Mar 2005

Although they cost a bit I think I will give it a go. the copy softare I have got is great and you can copy just 'the main movie' which in most cases is enough for a single 4.7. But some times particularly the comedy stuff you wan the out takes as well.
By the way the software 'Apollo DVD Copy' cost me about £20 and comes with a 'de-encryption' patch and you can copy ANYTHING -n you get a 7 shot trial and get 10% discount if you buy within a week of the Trial - give it a shot.

  mattyc_92 14:47 08 Mar 2005

I realise why you have asked, but this question is to do with copying copyright material (even if it is for backing up your dvds) and this forum isn't the place for this kind of question(s)....

Please remember this in future.....

  DILLIG4F 21:28 08 Mar 2005

Don't really understand your answer - wht's the problem yoi have???

  quack 22:18 08 Mar 2005

I think mattyc_92 is trying to draw your attention to the fact that copying copyright DVDs for whatever purpose is illegal unless, I suppose, you are the owner of the copyright.

  mattyc_92 11:20 09 Mar 2005

What you said....

You are NOT supposed to copy DVDs in this country even if it is just a backup of your DVD....

Most forum members have a very strong opinion about this, and this forum has RULES...

But I do see your point that you want to backup your DVDs, CDs, Games, etc.... but please remember that some forum members wont help you (I will help you this time, but remember in future..)

Well, Minkey1 has suggested, probably the best program I have heard of, CloneDVD which is brilient.... You can copy a duel layer dvd onto a normal single sided one....

I hope you now understand what I mean by my previous post...

  DILLIG4F 20:29 10 Mar 2005

Thanks for your response - but it not illegal to copy anything for tour own private purpose.
Have tried it out and it does work on normal DVD players.
Again thanks - subject closed.

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