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playing digital camera video smartmedia to pc

  nobbyhigo 16:39 04 Dec 2003

right so ive taken a short video on my fuji with smartmedia of fido now how do i show it on my pc i have fujifilm software or can i play it on win media also can i burn the video from smartmedia to cdr and if so how do i play it
cheers nobby

  Stuartli 17:26 04 Dec 2003

Further to this - if your camera's pix files come up on a "removable" drive basis, you will have to create a new folder for them and drag them across.

Then you will be able to do what pj123 suggests.

  Pidder 18:20 04 Dec 2003

Presumably you save your photos including video clips to a file on your PC. If you open them with ,say, Exifviewer they will then play. Quicktime has a full screen facility.

  nobbyhigo 19:24 04 Dec 2003

we are of and running

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