Playing audio to external Clients Help

  AshleyN 10:42 14 Aug 2018

Good Day All,

I have a scenario and would like to know if anyone could assist...

Looking at Quality Assurance- whereby example: A client calls into the business requesting to hear his/her recording of the purchase made..

How can I possibly have a client listen to the recording via telephone, E.G: the recording would play.. the client would hear it.. and the QA assistant would be able to hear the recording whilst on the call, ensuring that quality of audio is prioritized , eliminating having to send recording via disc which delays process,

Any suggestions would really be appreciated

Thank You

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 14 Aug 2018

speaker phone and CD player?

  AshleyN 10:56 14 Aug 2018

The environment cannot allow for that due to the noise around, that is more or less the current method however not professional for the environment

  wee eddie 13:41 14 Aug 2018

Recording of phone calls is not illegal but, as far as I know, making them available to Third Parties is illegal.

Without unimpeachable knowledge that you are connected to the correct person, I would assume that that fits into this category

  AshleyN 14:42 14 Aug 2018


This is not third party, the recording is to be played back to the actual client which has purchased the item presented by the agent as an example

  lotvic 14:51 14 Aug 2018

How can you be 100% sure that it is the actual client on the other end of the phone...

  AshleyN 13:20 16 Aug 2018

lotvic, come to think of it that is a great question, perhaps standardized security questions?? However coming back to the main point, Im failing to see a way around this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 16 Aug 2018

Can't you just email them a mp3 file of the recording - faster than snail mail.

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