play store apps list changed

  MJS WARLORD 13:02 29 Jan 2017

If you click the 3 bars for settings and then choose my games and apps their are 2 columns of apps , installed and all. If you click all it should show installed and all the apps you have ever used even if you have un-installed them. It acted like a sort of history page so if you forget the name of something you had un-installed you just looked at the list as a memory jogger.

For some reason all the apps i had used have gone from this list does anyone know why. I dont know if an update has caused this to happen.

  difarn 16:55 29 Jan 2017

Do any of the suggestions made here help?

click here

  MJS WARLORD 17:18 29 Jan 2017

thanks difarn the answer given by Thomson worked

  difarn 17:54 29 Jan 2017

You're welcome - glad something worked.

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