Play Station 2

  toga 14:18 01 Jan 2005

I have a play station 2, which I dropped. consequently I am having problems now.

The station works with the exception of, I can't get an input from the gamepads. Therefore, I can't make any selections.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Is there a usb gamepads, that I could use?

Many thanks

  mattyc_92 14:24 01 Jan 2005

Yes I think that there are some USB pads... Look around for these, as I am not sure if there actually are any in existance!!!!

You could just play the games on your PC provided you have a DVD drive and the correct emulator!!!! (but I don't think that this is totally legal)

  ACOLYTE 14:26 01 Jan 2005

You could try,and only if its out of warranty cos this would void it,open the box and push the game pad connectors back on to the board,they only slot in and can come loose but some models have soldered 4 wires if its this sort then it wont work.

  LinuxPenguin 17:42 01 Jan 2005

there is no legal thing saying "you must play this game on a ps2"

if you find the right emulator, please let me know (email link by my name)

  mattyc_92 18:36 01 Jan 2005

LinuxPenguin thanks for straightening that out!!!!!

You can find the "emulator" on ellegal websites and that is why I thought that it might be ellegal... So if I posted one of these websites, can't remember any but still, to you then I would be going against this forum's guidelines/terms and cons!!!!

  LinuxPenguin 00:00 02 Jan 2005

lol thanks, if you do find any, just hit that email link :)

  NickyK 04:50 02 Jan 2005

It is possible that you have broken your driver. If this were to be the case, you'd possibly be better off going PC for games. This will depend on what you have at home.

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