play dvd's through tv out

  big hoss 19:16 01 Jun 2003

How can I get around the problem of an error message telling me I can't play copyright discs through the tv out to my widescreen tv.
Using XP home and NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card. Can drag desktop over to second display ok, just cant watch dvd's.Any ideas...

  -pops- 20:27 01 Jun 2003

Probably because the copy protection software "sees" the television as a secondary receiver much the same as it would see a VCR as a secondary receiver (the primary receiver here being the computer monitor). In both these cases the Macrovision copy protection comes into action and either flags the message you are getting or wrecks the visual content of the signal.

  big hoss 15:54 02 Jun 2003

thanks pops. But is there any way of getting around this.

  SEASHANTY 16:05 02 Jun 2003

I know that using ATI's AllinWonder video card will allow you to use your TV as a monitor and then it is possible to watch DVD's placed in your PC's DVD drive on the TV but the resolution is usually poor and using the mouse as a remote control isn't all that convenient either. Its much easier to use a dedicated DVD player connected to the scart socket on your TV. Believe me - I gave up using the TV as a monitor long ago. Your video card should have something similar I presume if it has TV out or it may just output from the TV tuner.

  SEASHANTY 16:19 02 Jun 2003

If you still cannot resolve this maybe one of the products from <click here> would help.

  -pops- 18:33 02 Jun 2003

"is there any way of getting around this"

Not legally, and not easily at all.

As a standalone DVD player only costs about £80 or less, it's hardly worth the risk, effort and cost of buying hacking software.


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