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  Digital X 19:04 03 Jul 2004

Can anyone tell me if there are any websites which review plasma televisions online?

Im interested in either the Philips 37" (37PF9965) or the Hitachi 42" (42PD5200). I wanted to know which one is the better to go for as they are both £2999. Hitachi is bigger but the philips seems to have more features. Can anyone give me any advice to help me make a decision. I would also be interested in connecting it to my PC as my base unit has a scart socket.

I know this isn't the right place but I couldn't think of any other.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  Dorsai 19:13 03 Jul 2004

It's not the right place. And i too would be stuck to think of the 'Right Place'. All I have heard of Plasma Displays is that they dont last long (2-3 years, poor as cost mega bucks). But then said the same of LCD's back in the 70's, and they who knows..Not I.

  SANTOS7 20:12 03 Jul 2004

click here this will help you get a 30 day free trial more than enough time to get all the info you need

  sicknote 20:24 03 Jul 2004
  melancol 00:21 04 Jul 2004

out of the two I would opt for the smaller philips as the picture quality is way better.
As far as connecting your PC to it, forget the scart as this will only be ok for dvd playback, take the output from monitor out and into the pc input on the panel, giving you high res graphics.
Another option would be the pana TH37PE30 a cracking panel roughly the same price, and way better looking.
As far as life expectancy goes the average is the same as a crt, yes, the quality will reduce over time but so does a crt.
Hope this helps

  melancol 00:24 04 Jul 2004

The best place to go for advice would be your local Independant dealer, forget the multiples they only seem to want to sell boxes.

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