Planning to Reinstall Windows - Partitions

  Jack25 13:41 24 Oct 2004

I am planning to reinstall Windows XP within the next few days. When I last reinstalled windows, I partitioned my hard drive and installed Windows and all my programs on the C Drive, created a D drive for all my files and an M Drive for all my multimedia (music, pictures, etc...). When I now reinstall windows, I am planning to format just the C Drive, reinstall windows and all my programs, and then continue to use my files from the D and M drives. However, I have no backup of the files on these D and M drives and I was just wondering if during the formatting of the C Drive or the install process of Windows XP there is any chance that the data on these two drives may be lost?


  LastChip 13:51 24 Oct 2004

If you format C: and don't touch the other drives, all your data should remain secure.

Having said that, it is unwise not to have a backup of your essential personal files. What if you should get a hard drive failure?

  gold 47 13:56 24 Oct 2004

I have never installed windows XP in this way i have upgraded from W2000 to XP W2000 does not support upgrading but i now have both on my hard drive i didn't want this but it works well,but to the point you could loose data on the other partitions so back up incase.

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