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  highside 09:42 23 Sep 2004

Having selected plain text, as per PC Advisor page 96, I now have a attachment clip shown with almost all my received mail? Why is this? (Win XP/SP2 and Outlook Express 6)

Thanks to mag for XP SP2 CD.

  highside 08:53 08 Oct 2004

resolved excellent answers thanks

  Carafaraday 10:08 08 Oct 2004

Where are the answers?! I'd like to sort this out too.

  highside 13:46 08 Oct 2004

Dont know where answer is and not too good at this but basically as I understood it "e mail can get forwrded as an attachment even if you dont realize it, in HTML the e mail runs as one long message when it is actally a message plus attachments. In Plain Text the e mails appear as
attachments which is what they are."
So to see the fancy bits sent within a message you would go to HTML thus opening attachments?
Hopefully someone can explain it better than me, I can see the reasoning but no good at passing it on

  Carafaraday 13:51 08 Oct 2004

Thanks, Highside for your reply. Yes, I see that the attachment is just the same message but in fancy type - bit irritating though as I'm never sure whether it's just the message again, an interesting picture attachment, or a virus!!

Did you find out if there was any way of stopping it?

  highside 14:10 08 Oct 2004

No, if I am happy about the message and want to view it then the Outlook Exp VIEW menu allows you to view an individual message in HTML.

  Carafaraday 15:02 08 Oct 2004

Thanks, highside.

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