Plagued by sudden restarts and power issue

  Pravdavoin 18:05 14 Mar 2018

I have been plagued by sudden restarts of my system for over a year and it is just getting worse. No blue screen and in event viewer i just get a generic Kernel-Power error (all BugcheckCode values are 0) it just restarts It used to happen with mostly very GPU demanding games so i suspected it was just my GPU overheating. And the temps on my 780 under full load got in the high 80s and if not for my system restarting i was sure it would go even higher (My new 1070 has never gone over 70 during full load still restarts so not a overheating issue). after capping my frame rate with RTSS lowering settings and keeping and eye at all times on my GPU temps i was able to reduce the problem at the time but it would still happen from time to time sometimes even when i was just watching a video. It also often happens 5 minutes after i am done playing a game and just browsing the web which seems to indicate it has trouble adjusting the power down or something?

Usually, it restarts in a second but sometimes it takes up to 30 mins for it to reboot again. (no fans spinning just seems dead then it eventually wakes from the dead) I suspect it's waiting for the capacitors to discharge. After the pc has been off for the night it can also takes 15-30 mins for it to power on (usually not when it's hibernating just when i turn it off) so I'm not so sure what that's about.

It has gotten worse recently and I'm pretty clueless about this stuff and i dont trust my own assessment if i buy a new PSU it will be a downgrade from what i had so i really would greatly appreciate a second opinion. Could it be caused by a faulty motherboard? Or do you guys think its pretty safe to assume its the PSU? I dont have a spare one to try.

The pc is also pretty clean as i dust it off often. I also have checked that there is nothing loose.

Some info from HWmonitor taken mid match in PUBG (it rebooted 10-15 mins later during the end game)

3.36 Volts [0xD2] (AVCC)

3.34 Volts [0xD1] (3VCC)

1.17 Volts [0x92] (CPU VCORE)

1.76 Volts [0x6E] (VCCIN)

1.49 Volts [0x5D] (DRAM)

10.91 Volts [0x7C] (+12V) Seems way too low not sure if accurate

4.96 Volts [0x7C] (+5V)

26 degC (78 degF) [0x1A] (SYSTIN)

32 degC (89 degF) [0x20] (TMPIN3)

127 degC (260 degF) [0x7F] (TMPIN5) This never changes its always 127 im guessing its a incorrect reading

26 degC (78 degF) [0x1A] (TMPIN6)

1.05 Volts [0x41A] (GPU)

35 degC (95 degF) (Package)

29 degC (84 degF) (Core #0)

33 degC (91 degF) (Core #2)

31 degC (87 degF) (Core #4)

30 degC (86 degF) (Core #6)

1.05 Volts [0x41A] (GPU)

101.28 pc (GPU)

48 degC (118 degF) [0x30] (GPU)


MSI gaming z97


gtx 1070

Corsair RM850 ( psu)

16 gigs of ram

haf xm (case)

NH-D14 (cpu cooler)

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