Pixmania and ABLE2BUY!!!!

  herc182 19:32 29 Mar 2005

Maybe there is a blindingly obvious way of doing it, but i have finally decided what camera i want and want to pay for it using "able2buy".
I cannot find how to do this on the website though.
christ its annoying.

here is the webpage click here

I have also put the camera in the basket, chosen my delivery address and then got to the payment options, and it only shows "credit card" or "bank transfer" payment options. i cannot find able2buy.

Please can someone put me out of my misery!

thank you

PS i decided to get the panasonic FZ20!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 29 Mar 2005

'Applies to all orders over £350'...may be stating the obvious but does the camera cost more than £350?


  john-232317 19:53 29 Mar 2005

When i tried it all i got was text in French about cookies.

  john-232317 19:55 29 Mar 2005

Its a quid under ;-) i wonder why.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:56 29 Mar 2005


  herc182 20:05 29 Mar 2005

what a twat!
well i will go and shoot myself now.
it WAS originally over £350. i then found a promotional code and there it went.

well thanks for highlighting my silly error ;-)

  absent 20:38 29 Mar 2005

Be warned the manual for this camera will probably be in french, I found this out with a canon I bought from them.

  herc182 20:42 29 Mar 2005

how in the name of christ am i supposed to dicipher that?!
how can i get an english manual?

  herc182 20:49 29 Mar 2005

dont worry i found it. the wonders of the 'ol WWW.
here it is for those who are interested....

click here

you dont have to pay, just click on the link for the manual about half way down the page.

  john-232317 20:58 29 Mar 2005

Customer care will be in French also probably, and maybe different conditions to British sales regs ;-)

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