yaesu 23:44 19 Oct 2007

Hi folks, has anyone used Pixmania for digital camera supply and what did you think of their service please? Thanks, regards, yaesu

  Totally-braindead 23:51 19 Oct 2007

I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. You may not realise but they are based in France I think it is, if something does go wrong and you have to send something back it costs you a fortune.

A friend of mine bought a video camera off them but one of the things he wanted it to do he couldn't get to work and he sent it back, at great cost I might add, they checked it and said there was nothing wrong with it and he had to pay them again to send it back to him.
Turns out the video camera was not UK spec and only the UK version of the camera had this facility.

Its entirely up to you but I think you should be aware they are not a UK company.

  yaesu 23:56 19 Oct 2007

Tnx totally-braindead, give them a miss I think as it's availablr for £15 eatra from a UK based supplier.

  Migwell 23:59 19 Oct 2007

I have heard of them too, but I have NEVER seen or heard a good word said about Pixmania. A while ago I was looking for a camera, they had the one I wanted at the best price you could imagine but I still gave them a wide birth in favor of a firm in this country. Difference being about + 5% on the cost but + 100% piece of mind which was worth a lot more.

  Stuartli 00:01 20 Oct 2007

You can get very good digital camera prices from the respected outlet 7DayShop:

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