Pixelated Images

  Phrixos 13:52 01 Dec 2008

Vista (32) & Konica-Minolta Magicolor 2550

I have many book illustrations, which I have created (at 600dpi) in my grahics package (Micrografx Picture Publisher 10 Pro). These used to print perfectly. Now, they come out--especially evident in the text--all pixelated, as if something was reducing the image from 600dpi to about 20.

I've gone through all my printer's settings and can't find anything amiss.

Any ideas out there?


  Pesala 20:57 02 Dec 2008

To narrow down the cause, try producing a PDF from whatever application you're printing from, then print from Adobe Reader and see if you get the same result.

  Phrixos 10:14 03 Dec 2008

Nope. Can't produce a .pdf in Picture Publisher--but thanks anyway.

  Phrixos 10:27 03 Dec 2008

Hmm. My earlier response seems to have de-materialized. (Need coffee!)

Anyway, Thanks, Persala, for the advice, but Picture Publisher cannot save in .pdf format.

  Phrixos 10:27 03 Dec 2008

(Oh!. There it is!

(Need more coffee!)

  Phrixos 11:30 03 Dec 2008

I've discovered the problem is somewhere in my printer settings.

(I've just printed an image using another printer and it prints just fine. I think I'll take the problem over to Konica-minolta directly--but by all means, people, chip in if you've any ideas.

  Pesala 15:26 03 Dec 2008

You can produce a PDF from any Windows application, just use CutePDF click here, which is one of the best free PDF printer drivers.

  Phrixos 20:27 03 Dec 2008

Hello, Pesala.

I've installed CutePDF (and some other thing that insisted upon being installed with it) as you recommended. I opened an image in Picture Publisher and clicked Print--then chose CutePDF under the printer options.

I've done this several times--but nothing happened.
The printer is on.

What am I missing here?

  Phrixos 20:36 03 Dec 2008

Ah! Penny dropped--but the output is the same. Text looks like the proverbial bird droppings.

  Pesala 09:02 04 Dec 2008

Assuming that the image looks fine in the PDF file and that only the printout is pixelated, then it seems that you have changed something in the printer driver settings.

Were you serious about the output being like 20 dpi or are you exaggerating? Even 200 dpi doesn't look like bird droppings.

  Phrixos 09:37 04 Dec 2008

Sorry, Pesala, you seem to have missed the part where I said "the output is just the same".

I regret I was not more clear, but the PDF image is as poor as the JPG one.

Yes, I'm serious. (Of course, I really don't know what a 20dpi image looks like, having never printed one--but you get the idea.

Let me put it this way. You now what the "DOS" screen looks like when you start up your computer? Now imagine a photocopy of that--and one of that, and one of that, and one of that...for about fourteen times", where the quality deteriourates each time.

That's what my copy looks like.Some of the smaller print (not THAT small!) can't even be read.

I would repeat too, that the images print
perfectly well on another printer (a different make).

I can't see a thing wrong in the printer's settings (and can't think of a setting that would do this, anyway).

I'm thinking of reloading the driver.

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