Piture problem ?

  [DELETED] 11:57 06 Jan 2006

Hi everyone and a happy new year, sorry bit late!.
Could someone help me with this problem as follows;
I sent a picture from my documents into my photo suite and low and behold everything that was in my documents has been transfered across by accident? so now I have 2 areas that they are placed in! and when i start to delete them from my photo suite they also get deleted from my documents area. I have tried everything I think of bypassing but to avail. Am I missing something so simple as how to do this, Please help!!!

  [DELETED] 12:24 06 Jan 2006

Try opening windows explorer, find the My Documents folder in the the Photo suite and drag it back to My Documents. Hope this works

  Diemmess 13:30 06 Jan 2006

I don't know photo suite, but if it is a picture browser, it may only record shortcuts to the files and not make copies.

If so, then how to remove the unwanted files from its index? Perhaps p. s. has some way of cancelling the list it holds without actuall deleting anything.

When you have solved this one, i strongly recommend making a new folder for all your photos.

My Documents is Windows default to save beginners from storing things all over the place.
On my HD My documents doesn' even hold my Word docs.

  [DELETED] 10:47 07 Jan 2006

Hi, I have tried what you advised Hamish but when I deleted a certain document from my picture manager office, it automatically removed all the info from everywhere else it was stored, even windows explorer?.I have tried deleting the info I dont want from the picture manager but as I sais before it removes it from everywhere!, I am really perplexed!!
Please hellllp!!!

  [DELETED] 10:53 07 Jan 2006

Try not to delete but drag and drop what you want to keep to either back to My Document or to a new folder of your choice

  Diemmess 12:09 07 Jan 2006

If you can remember the name of any of the awkward files, then - Start button > Search (the whole computer).

You may find more than one reference including any shortcuts, but make a note of where it is, and then use My Computer to copy this and any other pictire to a new folder as I suggested yesterday.

Once you have it in the new folder, you should be able to delete all the other references which seem to be interlocked.

  [DELETED] 13:35 07 Jan 2006

download & install Picasa2 from google,this will display all the folders on your HD containing images,from here the images in your photo suite can be deleted without affecting the contents of My Documents folder

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