Pitstop says slow connection

  taffyal 12:09 16 Jan 2005

I run Pitstop every few weeks- last week it said my bandwith was slow, 17Kbs/sec, & would I like to buy their Optimizer? I had loads of junk to shift, so I un/re installed XP. Pitstop still gave me the slow reading, said I needed to defrag- Xp said I didnt, but I did anyway! I installed a trial of Sy speed, Pitstop still says too slow! Also says I have browsers MSIE6, SV1 & Crazy Browser. Wots SV1?? Can anyone please advise any action I should take, or are they trying to sell me Optimizer? Pitstop always gave good results till now- have I done something stupid again?? Thanks, Al.

  taffyal 12:34 16 Jan 2005

I noticed it went slow when I removed Avast AV & substituted AVG

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:50 16 Jan 2005

Don't worry about PC Pitstop telling you that you have a slow internet connection. The PC Pitstop connection is not accurate and depends very much on how busy the site is. It is totally unreliable in my opinion. Try click here if you are on BB for a more reliable test.

  taffyal 13:11 16 Jan 2005

Many thanks Mr Mistoffelees- unfortunately BB has not arrived here yet, but is due in March. Hopefully then I shall have plenty of speed. Thanks again, Al

  taffyal 16:16 22 Jan 2005

Been away all week- just downloaded a trial of TuneUp Utilities 2004. It did all sorts- including removing SySpeed without asking me- but bandwith download is now 35. Still slow by Pitstop standards, but better than before!Thanks, Al.

  dan11 16:30 22 Jan 2005

Try this one. click here I don't think it matters if you are on broadband or dial up. I seem to get a very consistant result with it.

  taffyal 16:52 22 Jan 2005

Thanks, dan11. Ran it 3x, got 22, 21,28, 28 ;
27, 23, 28, 28; then 22, 28, 28, 28. Better than tha 17 I was getting last week! Really lookin forward to BB! Thanks again Al.

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