pirate xp

  neil67 17:33 16 Feb 2007

hope someone can help me
Just purchased a computer off ebay,went too do updates said it was pirate xp ,looked on back it has millenium COA on back is there anyway i can put millenium back on using this sticker without costing me the earth,the reason being just for daughter to do some home work on,so dont need it to be xp

  mike1967 17:40 16 Feb 2007

You can use XP without the updates can't you?

Another way is to go to Microsoft website and report the fact you bought a PC with a pirate copy installed.

Not sure how far you'll get though, a few years ago if you reported someone they would give you the legite for free, is it still going

Also the seller on ebay is breaking there rules, if you dont get a refund give him/her negative feedback

  mike1967 17:41 16 Feb 2007

Another idea post this on the helproom forum alot more people go there and may give better advice than I have just done

  neil67 17:45 16 Feb 2007

yeah is it ok to use it without all security updates as my daughter will be going on internet from time to time it has firewall,and anti virus
already reported it to ebay

  Totally-braindead 17:49 16 Feb 2007

If you report it to Microsoft you will get offered a full version of Windows XP but going by what someone said a couple of weeks ago its £95.
Do you know anyone who has a Windows ME disk? If so you should be able to blank the computer and use that with the legal product key. I think. I kind of skipped ME and went from Win 98SE to XP.
Someone else would have to confirm this.

  mike1967 18:03 16 Feb 2007

Well to be honest just use it without the updates for now.

I guess you didn't pay a huge amount for it

  neil67 18:04 16 Feb 2007

ok thanks for your help

  mike1967 18:06 16 Feb 2007

just get antivirus and a firewall

all available for free

  spuds 18:26 16 Feb 2007

I believe there was a ongoing argument about Microsoft's stance on pirate copies. In the UK they did replace for legit copies, but that as now ceased. In the USA, there appears to be a different attitude, in which Microsoft still replace pirate copies for free after investigation.

Perhaps someone can confirm the latest on this issue!.

  BRUM-WELSH 21:01 16 Feb 2007

i was sold a pc from Tiy
ny before going bust!recovery disc didnt work,was told my copy of xp was illegal!worth the £95 as i was emailed a product key to make it legal(xp proffesional),then sent via post full xp disc.worth doing.

  BRUM-WELSH 21:04 16 Feb 2007

just to add..microsoft couldnt prosecute Tiny as they were insolvent!their response to my anger LOL

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