Pirate disk, what do I do, any refunds?

  Uff 17:50 13 Sep 2003

I am almost certain 'I have been had'. I ordered a disk through reputable company selling customers unwanted disks. I had to pay by wire transfer. Is there any way I can report this disk and possibly get my money back or even a voucher towards the purchase of new official disk?
Dave been done!

  3aspect 18:12 13 Sep 2003

click here

Try here for info and help on reporting pirate software.

  powerless 18:17 13 Sep 2003

Tell us why you thinks you've been had?

  Forum Editor 18:37 13 Sep 2003

towards an official disk - who would want to provide such a thing?

What did you think you were buying, and what did you actually get?

And who did you buy it from?

  spuds 20:36 13 Sep 2003

Dealing with a reputable company. If you think it is a questionable item that you have purchased, then take the matter up with them. If they are,as you have stated, then they should resolve the matter, as an urgency.

  wee eddie 21:45 13 Sep 2003

Perhaps it's got Office XP written on it in felt tip and you only paid £20.

If you paid well below the going rate, to an unusual vendor, by wire, to a destination dissimilar to the address shown on the web page!

Have you got anything at all?

  wee eddie 21:52 13 Sep 2003

This Reputable Company.

Were they actually doing the selling or were they acting as middle men.

Did the web site specify what was being sold and did you receive an Order Confirmation specifying what you had bought.

Collect together the facts that you have. They may have a vicarious liability for the actions of those that trade through their site.

  john-232317 21:56 13 Sep 2003

Not that reputable ebay again......

  Hitch-Hiker 22:02 13 Sep 2003

no help at all but I am looking foreward to seeing this one being resolved!!

  john-232317 22:38 13 Sep 2003

Get your monies worth, tie the disk on a bit of string near the vegtables, it will keep the birds off.

And write one hundred times..." i must not buy bent gear "

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