Pipex PCI ADSL internal modem setup. Desperate

  Pappyon 06:58 26 Mar 2003

Pipex have returned my Alcatel 330 saying there are no faults in it, so rather than use a powered hub I have installed an internal ADSL card.

It is showing to be configured correctly in Device Manager, and I have set up a DUN connection to Pipex, but I am getting a message "Unable to establish a connection."

There is nothing at all showing in the Sys tray to show that a modem connection is set up!

Excuse this really stupid question, but do I plug the phone cable into one of the external ports on this modem, and if so what cable do I have to buy.

If the phone cable does not plug into the modem, please explain the setup. I am totally ignorant about this.

I am at the end of my tether! I need help desperately!

  Pappyon 16:35 26 Mar 2003

Excuse my stupidity. It wasn't an internal ADSL modem I bought at all. It was a dual-port PCI card. No wonder I didn't know where to plug the phone connecting cord.

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