pipex or zen

  malgall 21:17 12 Apr 2006

i am at present a pipex customer on 2mb bb service and looking to upgrading to a 8mb or as fast as i can i like pipex but they have this 12 month contract and looking at prices zen do a 24.99
with a 20gb limit 8mb service which i was surprised is cheaper than pipex

  wbiggchiefy 23:58 12 Apr 2006

If it looks too good to be true it probably isn't.
Have u checked u can actually get the 8mbit speed?
Is your present connection via one of the unbundling deals that the ISP may have with BT - if so you could spend weeks switching and have no connection at all during at least part of the process. (think its a MAC code on ordinary broadband but when unbundled its an SMAC code to switch which ISPs won't always release /recognise)

  garrema 07:40 13 Apr 2006

try click here , their test tells you what your line is capable of and offer upto 8mb connection cheaper than both pip & Zen.

  The Spires 10:11 13 Apr 2006

Zen give a first class BB sevice & customer suppport is second to none.

  malgall 19:13 13 Apr 2006

web site say my line should go upto 5mb
and i do understand a new modem will be
required its just my pipex bb seems to be slower
than before

  garrema 21:42 13 Apr 2006

Well currently I' on "2.2 Mb/S" and adsl.org reports the actual at 1.9 Mb/s

You may fall foul of the "upto" 8mb sales pitch.
However, in my case I know people further from the exchange are running at 8

  malgall 21:46 13 Apr 2006

yes the other problem why i am not sure
is most of the time the download speed
depends on the web site so i am not sure about
the higher speed

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