Pipex Mail Problems 24/10/08

  User-87052FDB-6DF0-4305-95BD5F80D7786398 08:24 24 Oct 2008

Cannot access webmail again this morning. Username and password has worked since 2001.
Anybody else having problems?

What is current technical support phone number?

  Halmer 08:35 24 Oct 2008

Should be fixed today. Webmail upgrade is taking place although the site does not actually tell you that you wont be able to log in.

There are a lot of disgruntled Pipex users I'm afraid at the moment mainly due to lack of accurate information from them.

  orienne21 08:47 24 Oct 2008

My problem is that the pipex server is trying to download all 625 messages in my webmail inbox to Outlook Express when all of these messages have already been downloaded in the past. Every time that I open Outlool Express this happens!!
Unless they get these problems sorted pretty soon, I will be leaving Pipex.

  Halmer 10:19 24 Oct 2008

To restore normal working simply access your mail accounts and replace % with @ in the username

  Taff™ 11:44 24 Oct 2008

Thanks for that! Why didn`t Pipex tell us that?

  GroupFC 12:24 24 Oct 2008

^ for when I get home to sort this click here

Thank you (hope that is not too premature!).

  FreeCell 12:28 24 Oct 2008

Problems yesterday accessing mail account but seems okay this lunchtime. Nothing changed in account details.

  Halmer 12:48 24 Oct 2008

dunno but I picked it up from click here from someone who expresses the same sentiment.

I'm assuming it's a permanent fix at the moment but I can reverse it easily if it isn't.


  FreeCell 17:12 24 Oct 2008

Just tried it with the original % in the account name (using Outlook) and with @. Both seem to work.

My impression is that it is slower accessing the mail than it was days ago, but it's the same which ever symbol you use.

Agree it would be nice to feel that Pipex/Tiscali communicated a lot better on what they are doing.

  Halmer 18:43 24 Oct 2008

Yes mine is working with either now as well so it must have been sorted by today as they promised.

Just a pity they weren't a bit more specific for their customers who have loads of choice nowadays.

  FreeCell 17:54 30 Oct 2008

Perhaps it's me but can't access Pipex mail this evening.
Is there something about Thursday evenings that I should know about, as it was the same last week?

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