Pipex mail

  john bunyan 15:05 07 Nov 2008

After all the recent woes my Pipex e Mail seems good, and I am getting fewer spam. Fingers crossed that it lasts. Anyone noticed an improvement?

  colberly 15:27 07 Nov 2008

Little improvement her afraid. It's hit and miss.
Cannot log into webmail as it keeps on saying that username and password could be wrong. When I try to login details I can see username, but then password unavailable.

  Halmer 16:27 07 Nov 2008

For the first time in ages this morning I had approx 20 mails that were all wanted and no spam so I suspect they have upgraded as promised.

Can only be a good thing because I was getting overrun with them each day on my main e-mail address.

  john bunyan 17:42 07 Nov 2008

Halmer. I dont exactly know how they do it - I did find how to opt in to the antispam option on my main mailbox. I had the same trouble as you and even got spam from blacklisted sites. Fingers crossed that they keep it up !

  Halmer 18:04 07 Nov 2008

The old Pipex filter system was useless and did nothing imo. I used to blacklist sites and nothing seemed to happen.

Hopefully they've upped their game because they've had an awful lot of stick on this site recently.

  john bunyan 18:09 07 Nov 2008

Halmer. I agree and hope I wont have the hassle of changing ISP's. By the way I managed to get them to agree to a one month rolling contract rather than a yearly one when I upgraded from Solo to the "up to 8Gig" service.

  Halmer 18:52 07 Nov 2008

Thanks for that. Worth me bearing in mind soon.

  Stuartli 19:33 07 Nov 2008

I've had an account with Pipex for nearly 13 years - I've only received one spam e-mail in all that time, which was about four or five years ago.

A quick call to Support and I've never had any since.

  john bunyan 09:03 08 Nov 2008

Been with them for same or longer than Stuartli. Spam started about a year ago, and the blacklist system did not seem to work. Whatever the reason I am pleased it seems to have suddenly abated in the last day or two. As for a "quick call to support" - are you serious these days? It took ages to get through recently, to a person who seemed to have little understanding of the problem.

  Stuartli 09:23 08 Nov 2008

>>As for a "quick call to support" - are you serious these days?>>

It's the one and only time I've ever needed to contact Pipex Support and it was several years ago...:-)

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