Pipex can not log on the pipex web site

  fat 15:56 22 May 2003

My system win98se, I.E.5.5. with pipex adsl. Every time when log on pipex web site the machine just stand still until use the ctrl, alt and del to close the I.E. And reopen to surf the web. log on others web site is no problem only on pipex web site only. Could anyone can help?

  anchor 16:30 22 May 2003

No problem here with the Pipex site; using Pipex ADSL, WinMe and IE6.

You could try clearing out all your old internet files. Double click on My Computer from the desktop. Right click on Drive C, select properties, then disc cleanup. Put a tick against Temporary Internet files, then click OK.

Won`t do any harm, and it might help.

  fat 19:49 23 May 2003

I did tried it before, but the problems still there.
I did telephone to the help line of pipex, following all the suggestion and its still there.
Finally, he suggest me to delette the I.E and reinstall it again. But I dont know how to do it and I worry about how to reset all my connection and setting.
If anyone have any others suggestion, please help!

  Morpheus© 20:07 23 May 2003

there is a repair you can do in IE6, go to add/remove. and click IE6 then delete and the repair option will come up..

  fat 21:00 23 May 2003

I can not found IE6 in add/remove. My IE version is 5.50.4134.0600IS. I found it when I click on help and about Internet explorer. Is it version 6? Why I can not found in add/remove? I tried on window setup, try del internet tool, but this is not IE????

  fat 21:03 23 May 2003

The situation is when I try to log on pipex.net web site it found the web site very very slow and eventally stand still in the middle, even after ten minutes still like that, but if I open another window to log on the other web site is no problem. ???????????

  Morpheus© 22:20 23 May 2003

download IE6 and it will install over the top,leaving all you settings as they are, assuming you have win98, cos it does not work with win95...

  fat 19:36 24 May 2003

Dear Morpheus, I did tried your method, but the problem still there, I very feel hopeless for log on pipex.net that mean I can not use the web space of mine. oh my god!

  fat 19:44 24 May 2003

Dear All, I just thinking about is it possible to log on pipex without open its home page, thats mean if next time when you log on pipex and select adsl, please copy the address for that page for me. If the address is different to home page: pipex.net . I could possible to log on. wait to hear from you.

  anchor 13:31 28 May 2003

Is it that you wish to upload some files to your Pipex free web space?. If so, you do not have to use internet explorer at all.

I use CuteFTP, (though there other similar programmes). The web-host address you should enter is:

dslclick here

you enter your user name, and password. You must register with Pipex for the free 50Mb of web space first. This can be done on-line.
click here

  anchor 13:34 28 May 2003

The Pipex web host address has not reproduced above as it should, so I will send you a personal message.

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