Pipex Broadband

  xetnauq 23:36 19 Aug 2003

Has anyone had any experience of connecting to Pipex Broadband?
I have successfully connected up the hardware, and the modem says the BT Broadband line is fine, but I keep failing to connect to the ISP.
After a long conversation with their helpline, I am still unconnected.

  Djohn 13:28 20 Aug 2003


  Chegs ® 13:34 20 Aug 2003

I was with Pipex,their service/support was very poor.

Check the cfg of your connection,eg.

vpi=0 vci=38 RFC2364 PPPoATM VC - Null Encapsulation,etc

  jospar 14:19 20 Aug 2003

When you say that you can't connect to IP, do you mean that it fires up, but then doesn't find the sever to start from. Or are you getting nothing at all.

If it is the first, check that you have the right sever IP=81.86.80.

You can find the info for this by left click on the connection icon in the task bar (the two monitors) and the details are under the detail tab.

If it's trying to connect and you getting a no dail done, then check your filters. In my case I run my modem from a extention from the main socket, but on this filter I can not add a phone with the modem, neither will work.

  Taff36 15:36 20 Aug 2003

I presume you are trying to connect through an ADSL Router?

  xetnauq 15:49 20 Aug 2003

I am now connected to Pipex. I am not impressed with their support line. The problem lay with the modem driver software, which was very confusing to set up. The software is set to ISDN, even though I am achieving true DSL speeds. Whenever I try to set the software to DSL, I am unable to connect. The modem is a PCI internal from MRI with a Globespan chipset.

Thanks to all who responded.

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