Pipex ADSL 'upgrade' problem

  wags 19:46 18 May 2005

I got home tonight and you can imagine my initial delight when I connected to the net and saw that my connection speed is now 1.1 mbps. So it looked like pipex have upgraded me from 512k. However, it is really slow to about 25% of the speed of the 512 service and I have over 800 errors on the recieved section of the status monitor as I type.

I've tried phoning Pipex, but after 22mins on hold gave up, so will try again tomorrow morning.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem with the 'upgrade'?

  Cybermaxx 19:58 18 May 2005

Hehe, I emailed (you can't cancel by phone) my cancellation of Pipex Solo2Go 500 last week. All I've had so far is one measly "automated response" email from them. Still no sign of my "free" upgrade. Some of their competitors have much better value for money deals on their broadband packages.

Anyway, I'm having a month or two offline. I'll try and complete some of this stockpile of PC games that's built up! Then I'm going to take a look at all the deals on offer.

  wags 21:16 18 May 2005


  Giant68 10:51 19 May 2005


I've been with Pipex for a couple of years and on the rare occasion that I have had a problem I have found a solution here click here

I hope you can resolve your problems.


  wags 19:32 19 May 2005

Thanks Giant68. Infact I got through to Pipex today and they got me to run various tests which proved that it is not my hardware that is at fault. Funnily enough Pipex still say I'm on the 500 service, but BT say that I was changed to the 1000 service yesterday !!!

Now BT advise that Pipex get in touch with BT Wholesale to see where the problem lies. So for now, until the problem is sorted out I'll have to put up with a service as slow as 56k dial up.... :(

  anchor 12:58 20 May 2005

Pipex`s own download speed test

click here

ADSL guide speed test

click here

Isle of Man speed test

click here

  wags 15:54 20 May 2005

Thanks Anchor. Infact I've done the Pipex speedtest and also the BT speedtester which both show very poor download speeds. It's in the hands of Pipex and BT Wholesale now so hopfefully It will be sorted out soon.

In the meantime, I've been told to leave my PC connected to ADSL via a BT diagnostic log in, rather than my usual Pipex connection, which I'll have to do for a 'few days' so that BT can run their tests.

  wags 20:04 20 May 2005

Problem is now sorted. I came home from work and my connection is now as speedy as I'd hoped for ! Mind you it's still showing a few errors on 'received', but at least the main problem appears to have been overcome.

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