Pioneer DVR-109 and NEC ND3520

  fitzy- 2nd 23:21 20 Apr 2005


I've have recently bought a Pioneer DVR-109 DVD+/DVD- RW Writer and i carried out a test against my NEC ND3520 16x DVD±RW Dual Layer(4x) Writer (OEM) for reading and burnig using Nero

I used the same media on both, which was Datawrite Titanium (8x) DVD-R.

The outcome was it took the Pioneer DVR-109 25 minutes to read and burn a dvd, and it just took the NEC ND3520 15 minutes to read and burn.

Any suggestions why it had taken the Pioneer 10 minutes longer, this unit is brand new, where the NEC ND3520 is 6 months old.

  maz2 23:39 20 Apr 2005

I have a Pioneer 109 and use Ritek G05's and it takes about 15 minutes to burn, so I've no idea why yours is taking so long. Is the Pioneer set as Master, because if it's not that could cause it something to do with the DMA settings, DMA has to be enabled, also are you using the latest firmware which is 1.40 and available here click here just scroll down under news or maybe it doesn't like the discs, my old dvd writer hated datawrite discs, If you have no luck put a post up here, dedicated pioneer form click here

  User-312386 00:00 21 Apr 2005

I have a Pioneer DVR-108 and mine only takes 8 minutes to burn an Datawrite Titanium (8x) DVD

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