Pioneer DVD Writer DVR A06

  Uncle Wriggle 19:34 06 Jan 2004

Windows will not recognise my HW. My operating system is WIndows XP. The drivers have installed ok but then I get am error message saying " Drivers install can't find Hardwear (Code 41) I have My DVD Writer set to Master & My DVD Rom set to slave should I be doing something else. I have tried uninstalling rebooting etc etc please help

  Rayuk 19:52 06 Jan 2004

What drivers are you loading?

  Uncle Wriggle 20:16 06 Jan 2004

I have not got a clue, I cannot check as I am work at the moment, but it downloaded automatic and informed me that driver were installed.

  bremner 20:20 06 Jan 2004

That is how it should have happened. XP has the relevant driver no others are necessary.

It may be worth removing the drive in Device manager rebooting and letting Windows load the drivers again.

You have the jumpers correct but it is always worth second checking - unless you have already done so.

  Uncle Wriggle 20:47 06 Jan 2004

sorry I don't know it was just plug and play

  Rayuk 20:49 06 Jan 2004

I think Bremner is refering to the jumpers on the back of the dvd/rw and dvd drives

  Uncle Wriggle 20:52 06 Jan 2004

thanks for the response, but I have done that more than once

  bananaslik 17:18 07 Jan 2004

hi Uncle Wriggle i know u set the jumpers but have u got the dvd & rom on the ribbon the right way,the one in the middle of the cable should b set to slave & the one on the end set as master.also have u got the ribbon the right way round(the red side usualy goes on the outside facing you)

  Uncle Wriggle 19:48 13 Jan 2004

The cable runs from the Mother board to the DVD Writer which is set to Master, and then onto the DVD Rom which is set to slave, their is are know red markins on the ribbon, but a black line runs up the side of the ribbon which is facing me. The DVD rom is now working and the system recognises the Writer, but I still cannot get it to burn or play a disk. I am on the vurge of giving up with it.

  tafoody 20:02 13 Jan 2004

as mentioned, the DVD writer (master) should be on the end of the ribbon, furtherest from the motherboard.

so it should run from the motherboard, onto the DVD-ROM (slave) and then onto the DVD writer (master)

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