Pioneer DVD-RW: burns CD's, but not DVD's

  ImAFlump 20:09 27 Sep 2007

Argh, have I sorted out one prob out but now I get another!!

Was looking to get a DVD-RW but my mate gave me his old Pioneer DVR-105 / A05 when he upgraded. He said it's really reliable. I figured this could do till I figure out which one to get. It burns CD's ok, but when I try and burn DVD's I get an error message. It always comes up with something like "Power Calibration Error"...does anybody know what this refers to? I have tried using a couple of different burning programs but get the same kinda thing. CD's are fine, it's just the DVD's!!

Thanks guys.

Si > : )

  fishface113 20:22 27 Sep 2007

Seen this before - gave up and threw it away

Sorry dude!

  ImAFlump 20:24 27 Sep 2007

So it can't be fixed then?

Si > : )

  fishface113 20:44 27 Sep 2007

You can in theory update the bios of a drive but as a new one costs around 23 quid I wouldn`t bother.

I have used NEC drives for many years and find them very reliable and really compatable with most DVD manufacturers disks.

Just buy a new one, it will be faster quieter and more compatable with modern dvd`s.

Good luck

  ImAFlump 20:49 27 Sep 2007

Cool, cheers for that. I've been told about Samsung writers and that they're a good spec... anyone know if they're reliable?

Si > : )

  HCOOH 20:53 27 Sep 2007

out of interest which brand of DVD's are you trying to use.

  ImAFlump 20:56 27 Sep 2007

I'm using "Mirror DVD-R Media 4.7GB/120MIN". A few of my mates have used them before and never had any probs with them. Could this be the problem?

Si > : )

  beeuuem 21:24 27 Sep 2007

It is usually the DVD media not being compatible with the DVD drive.
See click here and click here

  ImAFlump 21:48 27 Sep 2007

So would you recommend buying other discs and trying, or buying a new drive?

Si > : )

  beeuuem 23:36 27 Sep 2007

I have a Pioneer DVR 109 and a LiteOn EH120
The principal reason for getting the latter was that the 109 won't write to 8X DVD -RW. The 109 gives the same error message that you are getting. It will write perfectly well to slower rated DVDs or any CD.
It is possible that a firmware upgrade might help click here or different media.

  Stuartli 23:54 27 Sep 2007

fishface113 presumably means firmware rather than Bios; the reason for the problem might be that the DVD laser has gone kaput.

A new, latest model DVD rewriter costs from around £17.50 upwards from the top brand names - cheap as chips as David Dickinson would say.

It's not all that long ago since you would have had to pay more than £200 for a CD rewriter, never mind a DVD version, and the specifications would seem poor compared to those of today.

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